A catsuit (also known as a “cat suit”, “all-in-one”, “bodysuits” or “full length unitard”) is a close fitting garment which covers the wearer from their feet to their neck – usually including the arms.

Catsuits tend to either be footless (where the leg ends around the ankle) or stirrup footed (where there is a piece of material which goes under the sole of the foot to hold the catsuit on). They can also have one or more zips (a zip from the base of the spine to the top of the neck is most common for high necked catsuits) or be “boat necked” allowing the wearer access through the neck.

Arm lengths on catsuits can differ from being long sleeved (to the wrists), short sleeved (to just above the elbow), cap sleeved (just covering the shoulder) or sleeveless (where there tends to be just a strap across the shoulders).